Bull Bars: Frequently Asked Questions

Bull bars not only protect your bumper, grille, radiator and other car parts in the minor front-end collisions, but also will make your truck or SUV look more rugged. If that is the look you are looking for, bull bar installation is an affordable way to improve the vehicle interior and ensure extra protection of your truck. Besides, if you have basic technical skills, basic tools and some free time, you can install a bull bar by yourself without having to pay a body shop do that for you. The majority of US-built bull bars do not require cutting or drilling, and feature bolt-on installation. Keep reading to find out more about bull bars, the way they install, etc.

All about Bull Bars

Bull bars are metal devices made of bent tube. They attach to the holes located under the front fascia. The main purpose is to protect the vehicle front fascia in minor front-end collisions.
The short answer is ‘yes’. You can put a bull bar on any car, truck or SUV as long as there is a bull bar model available for this vehicle. If no, you can have the bull-bar custom-made for the specific vehicle application. The only difference between mounting a bull bar to a car and to a truck is the type of mounting. While trucks have got frame to mount a bull bar, SUVs and cars require installation of the bull bar to the body. This difference, however, does not influence the installation process.
Brush guards or grille guards are used for front end protection of trucks in minor front-end collisions. Unlike bull bars, brush guards protect not only the truck bumper, but also grille and headlights. Sometimes brush guards may be used just for aesthetics.
90% of American bull bars are bolt-on and do not require any mods to the vehicle. So, you do not have to drill or cut anything to get the bull bar installed. Usually you will need to find pre-drilled holes in the frame of your truck, bolt mounting hardware to them and then bolt the bull bar to the mounting hardware.
The short answer is ‘yes’, as bull bar installation is a pretty simple DIY project. You will not need any sophisticated tools or any special skills to install a bull bar on your car or truck. In average, you can save around $300 by installing a bull bar by your own and not paying to the shop.


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