Spinner Hubcaps by JDM World

Spinner hubcaps are a popular choice for many car owners because they add a unique and stylish look to your vehicle while also providing some protection from dings and scratches. They are relatively easy to install, which is another reason for their popularity. If you are interested in adding spinner hubcaps to your car, follow the instructions above and enjoy the new look of your ride!

How to install spinner hubcaps?

Installing spinner hubcaps is a relatively simple process.

  • First, you need to remove your existing wheel covers. You can do this by prying them off with a flathead screwdriver or by using a wheel cover removal tool.
  • Once the covers are off, simply place the spinner hubcap onto the wheel and secure it in place.
  • Most spinners come with all necessary hardware for installation, but if yours does not, you can purchase it at any local auto parts store.

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