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There are many different opinions about whether it is worth completing a Pass Plus course. The course is optional and was introduced by the Driving Standards Agency (also known as the DSA) in 1995. The aim of the course is to give new drivers more experience in different situations that they may not have come across
Occupant Position Detection System
Advanced drivers can expect to see a reduction in their motoring costs because they are thinking ahead more than most. This means that – statistically speaking at least – they are less likely to crash, making for lower insurance premiums. It also means that they are equipped to drive more efficiently, by spotting hazards and
Efficient Driving
The cost of motoring is a significant part of any family’s weekly budget. Whether it is daily running cost like petrol and oil, or whether it is insurance cost, or car finance payments, they can all have significant impacts on our weekly disposable income. There are simple measures that can be taken to ensure that
Car Breakdown Cover
t’s only other peoples’ cars that break down, right? Wrong. Breaking down can happen to anyone, at any time, and for a new or inexperienced driver it can be a very daunting experience if you don’t have breakdown cover. Luckily, you can get breakdown cover very cheaply, so that when it happens to you, you
Like many cars no longer in regular production, the AC Cobra has an interesting history that almost has the feel of mythology. It involves an American race–car driver, Carroll Shelby, as well as a British car–maker and a famous race, all of which led to an iconic car. The story goes that in 1959, Carroll
Driving in the United States is for many an essential skill to have, as to drive can be a hugely useful and convenient ability to hold for all kinds of purposes. From quick and easy travelling, to opening up new career paths and earning opportunities, the benefits are many. There are tens of millions of

The Most Fuel Efficient Gasoline Car

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2004 Toyota Prius
When someone says the word combination ‘Toyota Prius’, 90% of people imagine a small economical car which can be charged from the battery and is ecologically friendly. And no wonder – Prius was the first gas – electric hybrid car in mass production. Brief biography of Prius The first Prius became available for purchase in
2014 Toyota Corolla
Toyota Corolla, one of the leading models in the line of subcompact sedans, has came a long way from the Japanese market back in 1966 to modern world, where it has become one of the most popular vehicles in the States. Quick historical note The this vehicle got its name, ‘Corolla’, within the frames of
hard tonneau cover cleaning
Among the many different kinds of tonneau covers that are sold almost everywhere, it is the hard tonneau covers that tend to be the most popular kind. Why is this so, you may ask? This is because a hard tonneau cover combines quantity and quality into one. As compared to a soft type, this one
how to remove rust from a car
Ah, auto restoration. It evokes images of vehicles stripped to their frames by skilled mechanics, bolted back together piece by piece in shades of resplendent glory. Antique cars and classics, as well as muscle cars, end up getting this sort of treatment by mechanics and auto buffs across the nation. But what about everybody else? Just