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 by Brad Hulse on Bully Truck Step
Location (Sity, State): Atlanta, GA

I have a set of your LED side-lit Bully bars on my 2006 Lincoln Mark LT pickup. I realize you no longer make/offer
this bar. I wish I could get another set for my second truck! Great product!

 by Gail Moen on Bully Hitch Step
Location (Sity, State): Cannon Falls MN

My husband bought me a Bully Receiver after I had gotten rear ended twice. Today our parking lot at work was glare ice. A coworker came in shaker by cuz she hit my new truck. BUT she trashed my Bully but there’s not a scratch on my pickup! Bully customer for LIFE!

 by M. Piceno on Bully Trailer Reflector
Location (Sity, State): Visalia California

The wireless lights worked as advertised, I used them on my boat trailer, the only issue is that the right light fell off some where along the to the lake. I don’t think bully would sell me just the right side.

 by Connie on Bully Hitch Step
Location (Sity, State): Rockford, IL

THANKYOU!!!!!! For protecting me!

I was sitting at a light in my new 2018 limited 4-runner....and was rear ended by a 2019 Kia ...

He was estimated going over 40 mph and was texting- so no stopping until he hit me!

Bam! I walked around the back and his car looked severely damaged - not mine-

Although replacing th door and bumper was $4000- I still sustained minor damage!

The police officer said he was extremely impressed by the lack of damage to my 4- runner and was going to get a lighted bully bar like mine for his pickup.... He stated that every time there is an accident with these bully bars there is minimal damage to the owners vehicle... by the way the other driver of my accident totaled his car and was towed away. You are welcome to use my story ! My repairs are finished and the bar was replaced with a new one...( the main bar of the bully was never bent and took all the force!)

THank you again!

 by Larry Howst on BBS-1102 Hitch Step
Location (Sity, State): MD

I like the way this step works on my Tacoma. I even don not remove it when not in use. Good product, easy installation.

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