Running Boards: Frequently Asked Questions

Many American truck and SUV owners choose upgrading their vehicles with a set of running boards or nerf bars for custom looks and protection. There are several reasons for a truck owner to select a set of running boards for their vehicle. First, it is way easier to get into the truck, as well as get out of it, when you have extra support. Owners of lifted trucks will benefit of this upgrade as well. Next, running boards protect the vehicle from side impact in minor collisions or when you park. This way, you are getting a scratch on the running board, but not a dented door or rocker. Keep reading to find out more!

All about Running Boards

Not commenting on the brand, we have picked several criteria the best running boards meet:
  • the best running boards feature not less, than 3-5-year warranty;
  • the best running boards are made in the U.S.;
  • the best running boards have got mounting hardware included into the kit (you do not have to buy it separately);
  • it’s better to avoid no-name brands that offer their running boards and do not specify where they are made.
The short answer is ‘yes’, as 95% of running boards that are available for the US-built vehicles feature bolt-on installation and attach to the frame of the vehicle by means of bolts and mounting hardware. So if you have basic skills and tools, you will be able to remove running boards by yourself. In average, it will take you between 30 and 40 minutes to remove the running boards. Note, that if the bolts got rusty, you may need WD-40 to easily remove them.
Running boards and nerf bars are installed the same way and for the same purpose. The only difference is the stepping area. If you are looking for larger stepping area, running boards are the way to go. If you are more into aesthetics and simply want to add up your bull bar with something extra, you may be interested in adding a set of nerf bars.
American aftermarket offers 2 running board options in terms of weight capacity:
  • typical running boards can hold 300 lbs at a time;
  • running boards with aluminum support under the stepping surface can hold up to 500 lbs at a time.
There are 2 main reasons running boards are so popular among American truck and SUV owners:
  1. It is easier to get into a truck when you have got extra step support;
  2. Running boards protect rocker area of the vehicle from road debris and minor side collisions.


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