Side Steps: Frequently Asked Questions

If you do not feel comfortable getting into your truck because of its height, you may be interested in installing a side step to help you with that. Side steps are great solution for those, who have hard time getting to the bed of their truck. If that is something you are willing to try, check out our answers to frequently asked questions. There are different types, colors and finishes side steps are available in. Keep reading to find out more!

All about Side Steps

There are two types of aftermarket products that are referred to as side steps. Nerf bars are sometimes referred to as tubular side steps. They are long steps that cover the whole side of the vehicle (door-to-door or wheel-to-wheel). There are individual side steps that are smaller and are designed for 1 feet to step onto it.
If by ‘steps’ you mean prolonged metal bars that run under the truck doors, you can say nerf bars or side tubes, truck steps or step bars, side steps or step rails, or running boards. If you are talking about small steps only 1 person can step at, they are just steps or side steps. If such step attaches to the hitch receiver, it’s called hitch step.
Truck bed side step is a small step that is mounted to the frame of the truck under the bed area. It features bolt-on installation, and the main function is to allow the truck owner access the bed area by stepping on it. Also, there are hitch mount bed side steps, that install using the hitch receiver.
Function of retractable steps is to allow access to the truck bed or easier truck access. As a rule, retractable steps are small, and one can step on it with 1 foot only. When not in use, such steps retract and ‘hide’ under the truck until you need one.
According to the truck step sales, the step part #BBS-1103 is the most popular one. According to the Amazon reviews, it is selected by the customers because of its price, ease of installation and durability.


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