For already over 30 years, HP Books has been one of the leading publishers of automotive literature. The majority of HP Books are How-To manuals for car enthusiasts. These books are not car-specific repair guides; they are more like handbooks – skill-building general information. These books are designed to increase knowledge and skills of car
Thursday, 16 November 2017 / Published in Auto Repair Information and Tips
hard tonneau cover cleaning
Among the many different kinds of tonneau covers that are sold almost everywhere, it is the hard tonneau covers that tend to be the most popular kind. Why is this so, you may ask? This is because a hard tonneau cover combines quantity and quality into one. As compared to a soft type, this one
Tuesday, 07 November 2017 / Published in Auto Repair Information and Tips
how to remove rust from a car
Ah, auto restoration. It evokes images of vehicles stripped to their frames by skilled mechanics, bolted back together piece by piece in shades of resplendent glory. Antique cars and classics, as well as muscle cars, end up getting this sort of treatment by mechanics and auto buffs across the nation. But what about everybody else? Just

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