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old mini cooper
The original Mini was designed on a paper napkin by Sir Alec Issigonis, who had been tasked by BMC (British Motor Corporation) with designing a small economic vehicle on the back of the fuel shortages caused by the Suez Crisis in 1956. Three years later the first Mini Cooper rolled off the production line and
Mirrors for Classic Cars
Safety modifications are being improved all the time when it comes to the new cars on the road but what about those old classic vehicles? In many cases, older cars were produced without seat belts which wouldn’t have been mandatory at the time and as such, there may be safety concerns about purchasing such a
What to do After a Car Accident
Road accidents can cause severe injuries to all people involved. Therefore, before going out on the road by car or motorcycle checking all your safety equipment and clothes is a must. And of course, paying attention on the road is one of the most important points. Even if one is not riding a bicycle, motor
How to make a car cleaner
When you care about your appearance and how you’re perceived, by extension you also care how your car looks. A well-maintained car makes you look like you care and impresses the people you think are most important. But you can’t just sponge down your car and expect it to impress more than a casual observer.
full carrier locker
Automatic Lockers are a simple and effective way of gaining extra traction needed when driving off road. The internals whilst varying slightly between models, work on the principle of 2 bi directional dog clutches which lock both axles together when torque is applied and unlock when one wheel is required to spin faster than the
For already over 30 years, HP Books has been one of the leading publishers of automotive literature. The majority of HP Books are How-To manuals for car enthusiasts. These books are not car-specific repair guides; they are more like handbooks – skill-building general information. These books are designed to increase knowledge and skills of car
car covers
Regardless of where it is that you prefer to have your vehicle parked, a well-made and tightly-fitting vehicle cover will protect it from exposure to harmful elements. In a garage or at some distant parking lot, a car cover can shield your investment against rough weather and even dings and dents. Vehicle covers are also
Ford F-150
The Ford F-150 is a regarded as a light-duty model within the Ford F-Series lineup of medium- and full-size pickup trucks. The vehicle is rugged and dependable and has been designed, produced, and marketed by the FoMoCo beginning in 1975 until present time. The Ford F-150 is already in its thirteenth generation of being manufactured.
Tail Trailer Lights
Making sure that your trailer has functional lights before getting on the road is a legal requirement. The United States Department of Transportation’s (DOT) National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has a list of basic lighting equipment (compiled based on SAE requirements) that each and every trailer should feature. So the only possible answer to the
ground wire
Downtime is money, and when your trailer lights are giving you troubles, your trailer is not road legal. When it is sitting in the garage, you are losing time and money. Use the following general guidelines on trailer lights troubleshooting that will help you find and solve the issue and get your trailer back on

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