Monday, 05 February 2018 / Published in Auto Repair Information and Tips
Occupant Position Detection System
Advanced drivers can expect to see a reduction in their motoring costs because they are thinking ahead more than most. This means that – statistically speaking at least – they are less likely to crash, making for lower insurance premiums. It also means that they are equipped to drive more efficiently, by spotting hazards and
Friday, 27 October 2017 / Published in Auto Repair Information and Tips
Painless Wiring
Being in the industry for 22 years, Painless Wiring knows pretty much everything about the wiring harnesses, circuits and their features. What you see might be just a bunch of colored wires, but Painless Wiring knows that it is much more than just it! First of all, the wiring harness is engineering. At Painless Wiring
Car Manufacturers
Ford Established more than 110 years ago, Ford Motor Company is one of the oldest and most reliable car manufacturers nowadays. For its founder, Henry Ford, it was the third attempt to set up a carmaker after Detroit Automobile Company and Henry Ford Company. Unlike two previous attempts, the third one was successful. One of

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